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Ruzzle released for Windows Phone!


The word game app Ruzzle has been downloaded millions of times for Apple, Android, and is now finally available for Windows Phone. On March 28, 2013 Ruzzle posted the big news: Ruzzle for Windows Phone The paid version of Ruzzle for Windows Phone has been released first. This version lacks a few features but they will be added later. Ruzzle is also working on the free version Ruzzle for Windows Phone. The word game Ruzzle is very popular and it's a good move of the makers of Ruzzle to make this app available on Windows Phone.


Ruzzle for Windows Phone is the same as the other platforms. Log in with Facebook and challenge your friends. We will keep you updated on the Ruzzle for Windows Phone version. Take a look at Tips and Tricks for Ruzzle Windows Phone. We also made a Ruzzle Walkthrough, you can take a look at What is Ruzzle Windows Phone to get better at Ruzzle.




Download Ruzzle for Windows Phone!


Download Ruzzle Windows Phone


Visit the link to download Ruzzle for Windows Phone And good luck playing the game on your WP. Challenge your friends and guess as many words you can find in three rounds. The hype of 2012 continues in the year 2013.














Get Ruzzle Word Game For Windows Phone Now!


Download Ruzzle Windows Phone


Visit this link to install Ruzzle for Windows Phone play the word game app on your WP.




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