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Walkthrough and Tips and Tricks for Ruzzle


On this website you will find many tips and tricks for Ruzzle and a Walkthrough. Good luck playing the word game and read the tips, to improve your skills for the game.


The word game app is a huge succes in Europe and in the rest of the world. The app is a fast wordgame and is really nice to play with friends. It has been downloaded millions of times and is still growing in popularity.

Take a look at the differente pages of this website to get more information.





ruzzle blackberry Finally Ruzzle for BlackBerry!


Ruzzle has finally been released for BlackBerry. Visit the page Ruzzle available for BlackBerry for more information.



ruzzle windows phone And Finally Ruzzle for Windows Phone!


Visit the link to download Ruzzle for Windows Phone And good luck playing the game on your WP. Visit the page Ruzzle for Windows Phone for more information about the app release.













Tips and Tricks and a Walkthrough for Ruzzle


Tips for Ruzzle The new popular app Ruzzle is a huge success (formerly Rumble). This game is certainly the follow up of the popular app Wordfeud. In a short time it has been downloaded a few million times and is in the top download lists for the platforms Android and Apple.


It's a really addictive game. This website was created to provide you with information about the new wordgame app and tips for Ruzzle. Take a look at the explanation what this word game exactly is, and take a look at the tricks to improve your skills. The walkthrough on this website s provided to you by big fans of the app, so keep playing and enjoy the popular app. We hope the walk through is usefull for you!





What is Ruzzle?


If you're looking for some information about this app because you would like to know: What is Ruzzle, and check Ruzzle walkthrough to take a look at the walk through.




Ruzzle Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks to get better in Ruzzle, check Tips for Ruzzle this link to take a look at the tips for the popular word app.




Ruzzle Bugs


The word game experienced some bugs. Below here some bugs which many people delt with. Some bugs where fixed pretty fast. To prevent having those bugs it's important to update your version regularly.


Paused Game Bug in Ruzzle


Ruzzle launched many updates because there where many small bugs in the word game app. Some people had some problems with the word game when they got a phone call. The game paused and when they continued playing they finished their round with zero points. This bug has been fixed.




Ruzzle Achievements


In a recent update Ruzzle introduced the achievements. This is a really nice extra in the game. For a clear explanation about these achievements check Achievements in Ruzzle.






Ruzzle screenshot 1 Ruzzle screenshot 2



Ruzzle tips and tricks

Download Ruzzle:

Ruzzle for Apple

Download Ruzzle for Apple devices.


Download Ruzzle BlackBerry

Visit the link to download Ruzzle for Blackberry!.


Ruzzle for Android

Download Ruzzle for Android.





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